Sync linked cells


I want to link 2 Glide tabels to each other, and make sure they sync if I change the value in the original cell.

Is this possible?

You could use a Relation to link two tables together and then use a Lookup to bring a specific column value across.

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Hi Jeff,

Happy new yar and thanks for reply!

I’m looking to link a value, which is giving the record all the information, depending on the linked value.
At the moment the link ‘dies’, if I change the linked value, in the “info-database”…

Do you have any idea how to set this up successfully?

explain better… is confusing… are you syncing depending on value? or it is a fixed link? for the fixed link… use row ID, for dynamic use values… but… if you have the same values in multiple rows… connection will break… unless you check multiple… but the result will be an array

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You should probably be using RowID’s to create your relations. Row ID doesn’t change unlike a text value that can be changed.


As long as you write a RowID instead of the QR code value, then you can use a Relation/Lookup to retrieve the appropriate QR code value from the appropriate table, based on the RowID. It’s safer to build build relations that way, because you avoid the chance of a user breaking the relation by changing a value that’s used to establish the relation. Users shouldn’t need to see or be able to change Row IDs, so they can’t break the relation.

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yep… use row ID, if users can modify SKU

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Sounds like a safe solution!

Thanks a lot guys, for fast reply and great solutions!


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