Row-ID duplicates


I noticed that when I duplicate a tab it duplicates the RowID.
This is not a bug per se, but it can be very confusing if we are only duplicating it for structure purpose.

[Edit] And, in the duplicated tab, when you delete the RowID column to create a new one, it recreate it with the same number

Do you mean when you duplicate a table (not tab)? Do you duplicate a sheet in your Google Sheets file? If it’s that case, then the duplicated “rowID” column is only seen as a text column by Glide.

Hi @ThinhDinh, no, I mean when I duplicate a “glide table”.

That’s weird. Can you reproduce that in a video?

I tried to do it, but it doesn’t happen anymore → rhe rowId is not pasted anymore in the duplicated table…Weird

Should I let the “topic” open?

Yeah I can not reproduce it myself. I’ll close this.

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