Row ID not auto filling

I could not find a reason and not a solution for this.

I have a sheet that stopped to fill the unique value with Row ID. I have already four lines without it.

What can be happening and how to solve it ?


Have you refreshed the editor yet?

Hi Thinn. yes I tried to refresh sheet and editor.

Particularly this spreadsheet I inserted a line between records, the first without ID, could this have stopped the auto-completion ?

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Can’t say for sure, but I don’t think that’s an expected behavior.

You might want to reads the row ID column. It’s happened to me once or twice where the RowID column became a static column rather than a dynamic column and I had to readd the row of column.

Just recently:

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Probably he can check if the row ID still have the “key” or not.

I’m not sure what breaks it in some other cases like you said, in my case the problem with row ID was when I tried to configure individual screens. Sometimes when I have a row ID only but I have to re-do a tab that has individual screens, when I tick the box again it tells me I need to have a new row ID column.

According to the screenshot, his RowID doesn’t have the key Icon.

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Yeah, I wonder if his “empty row” broke that.

Thanks for the replies.
As IDs in this case was not being used, I solved it just deleting the column and create another row ID column.

@Robert_Petitto good observation.

I think like @ThinhDinh, probably the empty row broke it. i will not insert rows anymore .

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