Revert to Different Sheet in Data Source

I created a duplicate APP but the APP’s data source is pointing to the wrong SHEET (it should point to an earlier version of the DATA SOURCE).

How do you change this?


Went to settings/data/replace and got stuck in an endless loop looking for Google authorization/access/signin

Had to restart Glide Builder to get out of the MODAL window that popped up.

Realized I had versions turned on in the google sheet and found the version I needed so no requirement to replace existing data source.

FYI - clicking “replace” sent me into an endless loop of signin with Google with no way to cancel. Just “signin” and failure until this screen popped up:

I don’t think I have ever had to sign in using the same replacing process. Did you login with a Google account or not before starting that process?

Yes, I thought I was logged in with google. Not sure what happened. I went through this process (click replace/modal pop up to signin/eventual error) 3 times before realizing I could revert the sheet back to the version I had saved.

When this sort of thing happens, I find that more often than not it’s caused by stale/corrupt cookies.

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