Data Source Replacement

The old data souce (Google sheet) is not longer accessible and we want to change it without affecting the design of the app.

What will happen to the design of the app if the data source is replaced/removed?

Do you plan to replace it with another Google Sheet, or some other Data Source?

Another Google Sheet.

To be safe, I exported the current sheet from the data source option.

The plan is to keep the design and update the image links.

Okay, well the first thing I would try is to duplicate the App, choosing the “Copy the sheet” option.
Although I suspect that probably wont work, as Glide most likely needs access to the original sheet in order to make a copy. But it’s worth a try.

Assuming that it doesn’t work, then the next thing to try would be to take your data export and load that into a new Google Spreadsheet, and then use that to replace the existing data source. As long as you ensure that all sheet and column names are the same as the original, that should work and all your existing screens and computed columns should remain intact.

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I tried duplicating and creating a template but it didnt work because the Glide app contains a complex Google Sheet and it only works with applications that utilize Glide tables only.

We have the data export now and we will keep the same format to replace the current one in that case since we will not lose the design of the App.

Thank you for your help.