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Hi there. I have a fairly complex google sheet that I use for budget and financial tracking. I’d like to use the “Personal Budget Tracker” template, but when I copy the template I don’t see where to change the data source to an existing google sheet. Does anyone know how to change the source?

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Take a look at the picture


I didn’t know you could do this… :heart_eyes:


You should take care when doing that, as your spreadsheet most likely won’t be directly compatible with the template, and as a result a lot of the template functionality will most likely break.

I’d recommend first studying the spreadsheet that came with the template and compare it to your own. The two key things to look at are the sheet names and column names. Glide components are directly mapped to sheet/column names, and if they disappear then the components will break.


If you do this with a different sheet that has exactly the same schema, will you need to recreate all the screens, automations, etc? Or will it just use the same field names and such from the new sheet? I’m using AirTable right now and it doesn’t look like there is a way to copy an app and have the copy use a new base. I like Glide Tables but prefer outside data sources for automations and automatic backups of the data with change logs.

I’m not sure about Airtable, since I don’t use it. I think the ability to change out a data source is exclusive to google sheets, but if you do try it, I would suggest duplicating your app first, and try it on that duplicate to make sure it works. I believe if everything matches up, it should retain all of the screens and actions.

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…Has this option since been removed ?

I’m looking to replace the data source (and excel sheet) but I dont see that option. I appreciate the issues with schema etc - so I wondered if they had to abandon this ?



Are these options available for you when you navigate to Settings > Data?

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I have excel hosted on one drive. this is what it I see

Yeah that’s a different data source (Google Sheets vs Excel). I don’t have any personal projects with Excel, do you have any insights on this @eltintero ?

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Negative. Can’t be done with excel.
Actually had the same issue recently and confirmed this with engineering