How to change the data source from glide sheet to google spread sheet

Hi, I’m making one app in glide and the data source is glide sheet (provided by glide)
But, i would like to change the data source from this to google spread sheet.
so far, I can not find a way to this. if anyone can help this, please tell me.

Do you have a glide table (black one) populated with data that now you want to bring it to a google sheet (green one)?


If you start the whole thing with Glide Sheet only, there’s no way to change that to a Google Sheet. I think a good practice is to start with Google Sheet, then add Glide Sheets where you need.

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it would be great for Glide to allow the inclusion of Google Sheets in a project started with Glide Tables



Does anyone figured out how to do this?

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We are not able to do that as of now. Just to be safe, just start with a Google Sheet as a base.