Retrieve my data from another google account

Hello to our Glideapps administrators,

Would like to ask help in retrieving our data from glideapps which was in our google account but was unfortunately disabled by google. It was a prototype but the data was valuable to us. I can still view the data through glideapps dashboard, it is the only copy which i think we can salvage with your help.

Thank you for your help.


I have been through a similar situation. I believe that only Google can help you. Contact Google support through your new/current account and they will help you move the data over to the account you’re using.

Hope this helps!

or doenload a data archive

From the data editor?

no in your google account settings

I didn’t think you could do that with an account that google has disabled. Good to know!

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if your account is disabled then try signing in again from your browser there is an option to download data archive

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I will try this option, I hope this works. Google has replied that they are sorry they can’t retrieve my data. :frowning:

Was it a paid G Suite account or free? If it was paid they should be able to help. If it wasn’t paid, you could ask again if you can restore that account as paid and if then they would be able to restore - but that will depend on why they said they cannot do it - if it’s policy to not retrieve data for free accounts vs. if they truly deleted your data. Good luck!

It wasn’t a paid account. I’m planning of getting a business plan just for this. They said I violated the policy, ans the email I received said that I was denied of it. The data that was given to me does not contain the google sheets I needed. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that! I think that as a matter of policy, they delete free account data quickly to not take up storage on their end. Best of luck getting this sorted. Hopefully @Gliders suggestion might work for you.

well that should have worked

Glide cannot do that. Hope it works from Google’s side.

This is a reason for glide to also have its own data hosting…

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Right now, since I can still access the data from glide, I’m trying to copy the important fields. :slight_smile: I hope glide wont remove this right away, I might take two to three days copying the data.

Thank you for all your answers!

Can you try to enable the copy function in the app, log into your new Google account and open glide, then open the app url and click on copy app. Hopefully this should copy the app and data into your new account. If you have any scripts, you may lose those, but everything else should be mostly intact.


Unfortunately, it does not work, “An error occurred while duplicating the App.” I think the lesson here is to always have a back up copy isolated from any associated accounts. A local copy of data is also important. A paid Google account is much more secured from getting disabled due to policies. With that, maybe we can use G suite, do you recommend a G suite account for me?

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Usually, the “can’t copy” error is due to extra rows and columns in the sheet and I think it’s a timeout when trying to copy all that extra data to a new sheet. Since you can’t get to the sheet, then it’s a moot issue. I don’t use anything other than my personal Gmail, but I believe GSuite is supported by glide and you probably get some nice extras from Google.

I’m just curious how policy was violated. Just wondering if I should be aware of any of my own actions with Google in the future.

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Highly recommend a Gsuite paid account. I believe it’s about 10 USD per month per user. You could just have one account and avoid a lot of issues and gain a lot of benefits. Keep in mind you can use the account in conjunction with all of your apps (pointing out the obvious I know). :smiley:


We were doing a prototype and testing wherein attendance will be monitored per group.There are 70 groups with 70 emails. I set up an apps script that will email each users after every logs. All gmail accounts are associated with the main account where glideapps was used. I think the violation was having multiple accounts for the purpose of circumventing Google limitations (which was sending 100 emails a day for apps script). That was really my fault for not understanding the policy. Or perhaps they really thought that I’m a spammer. It’s just sad that the data can’t be retrieved and there was no heads up.