How can i restore a deleted google sheet in my apps

Hi all, just found out the google sheet of my apps was accidentally deleted, and the gilde table cannot link to it anymore. How can I restore or export the the data to create a new google sheet that linked
to my gilde table.

Thanks for anyone help

go to sheets trash and remove that sheet from trash

Still can’t found in trash

Is it possible to export the gilde table to a new google sheet and then link it up again ?

You can try to export your data through the data page in the settings, set up the downloaded data as a new sheet, then change the data source for the app to that new sheet.

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Yeah, it works. Thanks a lot Jeff

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I had the same issue @Jeff_Hager.

Was able to request and download a .ods file which I opened in Google Sheets.

When I tried to use the new Google Sheet as a replacement data source I got the following errors:.

Any suggestions? I can see and use the data in the Glide data tables. My app also works, but I’m unable to save anything new.

I’ll ask the obvious question first. Does your new google sheet contain the column headers that the error message says are missing?

Thanks for the reply. Looks like it to me. See screenshot below for Users.

Here’s the file: 1b90e5.2doozi - Google Sheets

OK. Well, based on past experience I would say that the error may possibly be wrong.

Sometimes it’s a little deceptive. At some point the sync broke, which is definitely the case for you. It’s telling you that it stopped syncing because those columns didn’t exist at some point, which would be the case if the sheet was previously deleted. Since Glide stops syncing, I don’t think it ever checks again to verify if the columns have been replaced until you click the red button. Basically the error can be wrong or misleading because Glide does not seem to recheck the sheet to verify if the columns exist or not. It just full stops and won’t attempt any connection to the sheet until you tell it to.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing the consequences once you click on the button and it’s a bit scary that you may lose parts of your app. However, I have definitely seen cases where it does properly reconnect after clicking the button without issue, and in rare cases it will reconnect automatically after some time…maybe a day or two.

In any case, I would be inclined to first attempt to duplicate your app. First duplicate it keeping same sheet, then attempt to duplicate it again copying the sheet. I don’t know if either will work due to the data issues, but I would at least try it to at least have a backup if something goes terribly wrong. Maybe one or both of the duplicates will actually work. Once you have duplicates of your app, then I would go back to the original app, click the red button, and cross your fingers. Of course, that’s if you feel comfortable doing it. I can’t say for sure if everything will work out not. Just be aware that there is a small chance that you may lost parts of your app if it doesn’t go well.


Sadly that was a disaster. I tried to copy with and without copying the sheet in both cases. Both failed because the sheet was too big.

So then I decided to roll the dice and replace the data source for my app and ignore the warning messages.

Looks like I lost everything. I have data but all my app logic is gone :frowning:

Any suggestions? Would Glide support be able to find and restore my old codebase or is it gone forever?

PS: I don’t know how to tag Glide staff, but it’s crazy that this can happen. I’ve lost hundreds of hours of work. I tried to duplicate my app to create a backup but Glide wouldn’t do it. Had the duplicate function worked to create a backup this would not have happened.

PPS: I don’t blame anyone but Glide and myself. I appreciate your suggestions, @Jeff_Hager and 100% not blaming you.

You would have to ask them. I think they make it a practice to not restore apps from backups (because they would be overwhelmed with requests), so I don’t know if you will have any luck there or not.

Just some advice for the future…backup, backup, backup…if you can. I have a Google app script that automatically creates a timestamped backup of my sheet every week, so I always have a backup copy if data gets deleted or if something major goes wrong with the sheet itself. Periodically I will also create a duplicate of my app (with or without duplicating the data), in case I accidentally destroy something. I know some people have had issues duplicating apps connected to large sheets. I haven’t had such issues, so I can’t say what would be the cause in those cases where it doesn’t work. I suspect that in your case it was messed up because you already had data connection issues, so that may be why you couldn’t create a duplicate.

Unfortunately Glide doesn’t provide any good and reliable backup/restore functionality for data and apps, so we kind of have to hack something together ourselves the best we can. I’m sure they are well protected if they screw up on their end and they do have the ability to restore backups in those cases, but they don’t have anything for us when we screw up.

Always hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager. Yes, stupid of me to delete the Google sheet which started this whole debacle. I’ll try support.

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I’m unable to contact support because my app is a Personal app. See below.

@david Can you please help? I’ve invested hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars (to Glide) in this app. Would hate to see it all go down the drain for one stupid mistake (mine). I would also recommend a mechanism to recreate a Google Sheet from an app that was connected to a Google Sheet that was accidentally deleted.

We have no way to restore a deleted Google Sheet (we’d have to keep copies of everyone’s Google Sheets).

You should be able to restore it on Google’s side, then Replace the connection in your app’s Data settings to reconnect it.

Thanks, David. Saving and restoring everyone’s Google Sheet is not the ask. Agree that would be unreasonable.

The ask:

  1. Working Glide app has data stored in Glide tables, but Google Sheet has been lost (and cannot be restored)
  2. Glide allows user to recreate lost Google Sheet from Glide tables.

Problems with current option:

There is a Glide app option to export data. But opening that data export into Google Sheets and then referencing that new Google Sheet in the old app doesn’t work. Presumably because your current data export doesn’t create a perfect export that the app can use in a scenario like mine.

Look for Replace:

You should be able to replace the deleted sheet with the undeleted one.

There is no undeleted sheet. That’s the issue. It was deleted and purged by Google during a period when I wasn’t working on the app.

An ideal solution would be that a working Glide app can re-generate a missing-and-lost-forever Google Sheet using its own Glide data tables.

My app was working fine without the underlying Google Sheet by using the data stored in Glide data tables. The problem was the app would add new data without an underlying Google Sheet.