App exists but MISSING my related sheets!

Good day. I created an app over a year ago. Now I’m trying to edit/improve it. I can’t find my data sheets…as if the link from Glide to where my sheets are…is broken or missing. I just need some clarification of how I can remedy my situation. Thx.

I assume your App was connected to a Google Spreadsheet?

If you go into the Glide Data Editor, then look in the bottom left corner, you should see a link to the connected Google Spreadsheet.

When I click the Sheet icon under Data Sources, I get the error:
Oh sheet! Glide could not reload the sheet.

Are you able to locate the Google Sheet in your Google Drive?

If it’s still there, you could try reconnecting it via Settings->Data->Data Source

It is NOT in my Google Drve. Can I download it to there?

If it’s not in your Google Drive, then Glide cannot access it. There would be nothing to download.

Perhaps the file has been removed from your Google drive or it has been moved to another account.

If you have a local backup, you can copy it back up to Google drive and try to reconnect it to your App


When you go into the Glide Data Editor, do you see data?
If yes, what you could do is export the data (Settings->Data->Data Export), and then use the exported data to recreate the Google Spreadsheet.

Even if that works, you’d still have some work to do, because you’d have to re-create any computed columns, and it’s quite likely that many of your screen components would be broken.

I exported my data to my desktop.
I uploaded that file to Drive.
I replaced my Data File with the new one in Drive using the Data Sources of the Settings menu.
The Glide app and the Table are, however, still not linked.
The Data Sources links at the bottom left of my Glide Screen brings up a box to allow me to link a Glide table. However, I apparently haven’t entered correct information into that search box because the Link Table button has not become clickable.