Restaurant Takeaway - HOW: customers leaving notes with orders? food allergies etc

Due to current COVID-19 crisis, the UK has lifted regulation on takeaway. If you’re a restaurant, you can now offer takeaway food without having to get permission from local authorities.

I’m helping local food joints with this by making them free takeaway apps. This is what I have so far

I need for customers with allergies & special order requests to be able to leave notes with their orders, so when it comes in as a completed payment on Stripe, the restaurant owner knows their special requirements.

Any ideas on this?


Here’s how the order is currently appearing in Stripe.
I’m thinking maybe the solution may lie with the buy button? or would i need to create a log in functionality?

Do you receive paylent or will the restaurants receive direct payment?
Not sure about how to pass the comment ré allergies

restaurant’s receive payments directly from their customers, through Stripe.

Assuming you are using the cart, you could create additional items, like allergies, as items that can be added to the cart. So if the person had a gluten allergy, they could add 'Gluten Allergy’s to the cart with a price of zero.

Or somehow join a note into the Item or SKU field.

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We are working to let you customize the checkout screen with more information. This is currently not possible.


This should be a must. :slight_smile:
At the moment food delivery and pickup services need our help and Glide really can help them out.
Checkout needs date picker, different locations where you would like to pick your stuff up and so on.


Absolutely agree on the phone number requirement. Trying to support a small scale producer during COVID without requiring any logins for easy general usage. Phone is essential to notify of contactless delivery.
Thanks Glide Team

Yes this is should great !!

Yes Data Picker and Phone are a must for this kind of application

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