Phone field when paying via Stripe?


I’m finalizing a template to share it with Spanish bars and restaurants which have had to close because of Covid-19 and who could offer a food delivery service.

Is it possible to include the telephone number between the fields requested at the checkout? I have not found the option to do it and it’s almost essential.

Thanks and best regards.

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For reference:

Thanks, @Jeff_Hager!

Sorry, I had searched for the word “phone” here before posting, but hadn’t found this result. I should have searched more.

The app, in principle, was public to avoid complicating it too much for people with little digital skills. The thing is that I have changed the privacy to “sign with email” and quickly tested it, but I don’t know how to ask for the mobile number for registration. There is a default signup that asks only for email address.

What I meant was something like the Instagram template, where you sign in with your email, but then have to create a profile where the user can then enter any additional information, such as phone.

Here is a mention about future updates to the checkout process.

Thanks, but that wouldn’t be what I’m looking for. I would need a required phone field on the checkout process.

Let’s see if Glide team updates the checkout process soon. Would be really helpful for delivery.