I need to get phone number with this row created


I need to get phone number with this row created in actions.if i click store pick up,it should create a row,that’s happening but with this i need to add phone number from user.

That phone number has to exist either in the user profile sheet (if it’s the users phone number) or the store sheet (if it’s the store phone number). You should be able to pass either value when you’re doing your Add Row action.

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Hi Robert,

I like to create a tab like my profile with phone entry.without this entry this button bar store pickup should not allowed to create a row in store pickup table.

How to create action for this?

Already created action to create row in store pickup table as of now.

My problem is how to place this phone number to the row.

I need to get it from the user and should be show in the store pickup table.

Either i need to get it when this button is clicked or ask to notify the user to fill before to create row in store pickup table.

Any idea?


I need your input here,

Im not using sheet,using glide tables

How can I add a phone number component to a user table?

I tried to add but it is not user enter one,not editable

Even I added,can I notify users that the phone number should be added for store pickup if the store pickup button clicked.

You don’t add components to tables, you add columns.
By user table, I assume you mean User Profiles table?
Just add a Phone Number column type, and ask your users to provide a phone number.

You could either:

  • Use a visibility condition to hide the button if User Profile->Phone Number is empty,
  • or you could use a custom action that shows a notification when that column is empty

If the above doesn’t help, please add some screen shots to show what you have and what isn’t working.


Have seen Robert video. Everything is ok.But i have my other 3 projects stalled because of some problems in the app.I will send you the details with screenshot.

Many Thanks

Thanks for this video.Expect other way of doing the same thing to know things better.Looking forward your videos.

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