Need a msg alert box like to enter phone number

Thing is I’m placing a order so that it creates a new row in orders sheet.but I need their phone number.means if I click the place order button,it should show some text or number field to enter phone number and then saved to that same can I achive this?

Are you using the native buy button flow or not?

Not native buy button,it’s just a button named it to place your order.

So you’re using a form to populate an order right? You can just add a phone number field to that form if I understand you right?

If you’re using the buy button, then it’s a bit more complex but still doable.

The above is the link.

Scenario 1:
If I click the normal button “place your order”,it will create a new row in order sheet, which is should showing in order tab with notification order successful-working

Scenario 2:

If I click the normal button " place your order",it should show a new dialog box to add you phone that the phone number itself should show in orders tab with the newly created row in order to get this?

Instead of writing the row right away, show a new screen that asks for the user’s number, then have a button on that screen that submits the product details along with the phone number.



The list populates from business owners but I need the phone number from customer before placing the order,how can I include it in the same sheet.

I would create a user specific column in the product sheet to hold a phone number. Then set your button up with a custom action that first clears that user specific phone column, followed by an action to 'Show New Screen! → ‘This Item’. This will open a new screen for the same product row. On that new screen place an entry component to take in a phone number and set it to write to the phone user specific column you created above. On that screen you can also place a button with a custom action that will first Add Row to the order sheet with product details and phone number, display your notification, and finally Go Back to go back to the product details screen.

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Have created phone entry field in layout above the place your order button.Now the list gets updated, notification action coming,creating a row with phone number by clicking the place your order.

But found 1 problem.

  1. The phone number is displayed in that field if I again placing the order.i want that field to be clear.

How to add validation to a number field and after hitting the place your order button it should validate the field.

At the same time I want to clear the phone number field.

Add a ‘Set Column’ → Clear action.

What would be your criteria for a number to be valid? Number of digits? A certain range of numbers? You can add a visibility condition to the button to not show until your conditions are met to consider it a valid number.
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