Placing an order

Hi guys,

I need a setup like this,

I’m getting phone number and address before placing an order in detail screen.

Im saving user datails in user profile

When placing the order by clicking the button,
I need to get phone number and address.i have two text entry field before place the order button.

When I click the phone number field to enter,I need to get the related phone number using logged in user to ask is this your phone number,if yes add this to the field and for address the same thing.

Is it possible?

I don’t think it’s possible to trigger an action based on clicking into a phone number field.

You could probably trigger an action in the step before the order form and use a set column values to populate the phone and address fields for the order screen.

Then have a button bar with some text above “is this info correct?” If yes do nothing… if no clear values of necessary fields.

Any examples of how to do it.


Now I have done upto retrieve phone number and address in the fields.

After that I don’t know how to use the button bar to ask questions like is the phone number and address is correct? Yes or no type to do this?