Clickable phone numbe

I want it so users can add a phone number and the can call.

Nooooo I want users to be able to add phone numbers

Add phone numbers to where?

Their User Profile?
Somewhere else?

Either way, you’ll probably need a form of some description.

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The user’s profile

Okay, so have you tried?
Where did you get stuck?

Okay so I want users to be able to add a phone number to there profile and others can click it

If you follow the link that I gave you earlier, you’ll learn how to allow users to add data.
Because it’s a phone number, you’ll probably want to use a Phone Number type column.
And you can display it on your User Profiles screen with an action text component, or maybe in a basic table with other related information.

Please try it for yourself.

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I tried it but I still don’t understand :cry:

It would help if you showed what you have tried so far.

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Here is the link of the video of everything I tried IMG_3334?

I think you are working with two different screens, but I’m not sure. Maybe it’s the same screen and I just missed something. I only noticed because in one part of your video, I see the edit button at the top right of your ‘My Profile’ Screen and later it looked like a different screen without the edit button. If I’m wrong and it is the same screen, then ignore what I said above.

One important thing I did notice is that you first added a Phone Component to the screen. It did not show because there was no phone number to show. Some components only display if there is a value to show. But, you then deleted that component before adding a Phone Entry component. The Phone Entry component let’s you add data, but it’s not used to make a phone call. You still need the Phone component to display the phone number.

Try adding a Phone component AND a Phone Entry component. Then when you enter a phone number, the Phone component should show up on the screen. Again, if you have separate screens, you may need to add the Phone Entry component on one screen and the Phone component on the other screen.

I would also suggest adding the adding the Phone Entry component inside of the profile edit screen instead of on the detail screen. The Phone component can remain in the detail screen.


Can make a video doing that I’m having a hard time

You can do exactly the same thing that you did with your name and bio columns. Add a ‘Phone Entry’ component on the profile edit screen. Then add a ‘Phone’ component on the detail screen for the users in your People tab. It’s no different than what you have already have done with Name and Bio. Just different components.

Okay I’ll try