Newbie - adding action to phone component

I’m following this video,
to build a lost and found app,
and I’m at the point where I have to add an action to dial a phone number to the phone component. But I can’t find the action setting for the phone component, what am I missing???

Hi @glideuser2,

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I can add actions! You don’t see that section?

Thank you

Here’s my screen. I dont have actions. Does actions come automatically there?

You are using a Phone Entry component inside an Edit Form.
You can’t associate an action with that, nor would it make any sense to do so.
Why would you want to dial a number in the middle of editing a record?

Hi Darren,
Thanks for your feedback.
I know what you mean, actually I need to add an action not to that screen but to this screen (refer to attached pic.) next to the phone number. How can i do that? Did glide recently change when the layout of where things are, example where the actions section is? thanks

The fields component doesn’t support actions, so you need to use something else.
Probably the new Action Row component would be a good choice.

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Hey Darren,
The action row component worked well for what I needed - thanks
Q - is it possible to have the call option right next to the phone as shown in the screenshot?

No, that’s not possible.
I think your best option there would be to remove the Phone number from your Fields component, and just have it separately at the bottom like you do now.
Either that, or use a series of Action Row components.