How to get phone number

I have a “trending shops sheet” and “product list” sheet .

Trending shops has fields like shop name,image, phone number of each shop

Now I need to automatically add phone number to the product list if any new product added.but using this trending shop sheet.both sheet have shopname field,phone number field as common.


In your “Product list” table, in the Glide Data Editor (not in Google Sheets):

  1. Create a relation column and relate to items where values in your “Product_list/Shop_name” column match the values in “Trending_shops/Shop_name” column.
  2. Create a lookup column and choose the newly created relation column.

Is this what you are looking for?

Actually I need,

1.trending shops sheet has phone number entry.when I need to add product in add product app,I will choose shop name from choice component, phone number should be added to achieve this.

@Manikandan_R refer to @nathanaelb’s answer. That will do what you want.

Have you experimented with the relation column and lookup column?

The relation column allows you to tell Glide that you want to link two of your tables, and the lookup columns allows you to look up values in another table.

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Lookup created ,its retrieving data but couldn’t use this lookup column to display the data .

In the same table as the relation column. Presumably the Product List table.

Make sure your relation is a single relation instead of a multiple relation. Then the lookup will not be an array and return only one value so you can use it in components that only accepts a single value. You only want one phone number instead of multiple phone numbers, so you should be using a single relation.

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