Phone number Relation/Lookup

Hi all

Trying to have the phone number of a person appear next to the phone. Added a phone number column and it works no problem.

But I’m trying to have the number associate with every entry of that name. If a new form is submitted the new row does not contain the phone number.

Tried to use a relation/lookup to attach the number to that person, which works, but there is no option to add this column in the phone screen. Relation columns made in Glide tables do not appear in the spreadsheet?

Also attempted Index Match in the spreadsheet. This worked as a standalone formula but I can’t seem to make it work as an array (so that it applies all the way down the column).

Anyone know where I’ve gone wrong?


Change your relation to a single relation.

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Also, all columns created and computed inside Glide won’t be transferred to the spreadsheet.

If you don’t need it to appear in the Sheet for external purposes other than displaying on Glide, we would advise using a Glide column to bring down the syncing time.

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Wow, a very simple fix. Thank you!

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Thanks, although I add columns in the Glide table that seem to appear in the spreadsheet straight away? e.g. number or text columns?