Restaurant Table Order App

Hi, I have clients mainly in the restaurant business. I am exploring if I can use Glide to efficiently build a table ordering application with integrated Stripe payments?

To clarify a bit more. Guests who dine in would be prompted to scan a table barcode which opens up a link to the menu where they can make orders of drinks, food etc and pay.

This info would then pop up on a kitchen dashboard where staff will prepare and deliver the ordered items to the given table.

Please note that any given food items should also have extra add-ons (extra cheese for example) available. Each add-on with individual cost added to total sum.

Is this possible with Glide? Trying to figure this thing out.

Thank you


Hi Daniel,
I think this is possible with Glide, but there are apps already designed for this use case in the Apple and Google stores (thinking of sunday app : for example) if you don’t want to build it yourself :wink:

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Thanks for the reply! Actually I would be interested in building this myself, as sunday are not operating in my country.

So you can try, it will take you some time to build it, keep it as simple as possible to begin (only menus) and then improve it (choices, extra add-ons with depending on the menus, etc.), good luck! :slight_smile:

You’re able to modify this free template of Glide page, hopefully… template

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