Restaurant App Review

Hello Gliders!

I have a fully functional app made for a client. The client loves it, but I believe on improvement and support for growth.

Your feedback or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!


Really nice app! I found it super easy to use and everything flowed nicely. The only thing I’d suggest is making the menu more visible at first glance — could even be done by just adding text to the tabs at the bottom.

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Thank you!

muito bom o aplicativo, simples e intuitivo. muito eficiente. parabéns

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Hi @AjBruce its an easy to navigate app & functional. I have a couple of questions: 1) How are you going to handle add ons & extras & special instructions on a menu? How do you handle notifications for collection of meals when they are ready? I am asking because I have a restaurant app, for a client, which is primarily a marketing & information tool. I have been thinking about incorporating a takeaway menu but need to know how to approach these issues.


Handy, simple and useful.
Related suggestions while ordering is a great idea. I love it.
Nice work! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for the feedback @Brad_Legassick!

In regards to handling add-ons, extras, & special instructions on a menu:

Option: Buy Button

  • First, you should consider that within the ‘Buy Button’, there are only 5 fields under ‘Product Info’ that are assigned to 5 unique columns (app properties) in Google Sheets.

  • 2 of the 5 fields are key and should not be used for any other text

    • Image (Do not use)
    • Price (Do not use)

*** The remaining 3 fields can be used for additional text

  • Name (Displayed in Checkout)

  • Description (Displayed in Checkout)

  • Product ID (Not Displayed in Checkout)

  • Special Instructions:
    ** * Use Case: Say the customer wants to replace the side from Ranch to Mayo.

    • I would have a specific column in Google Sheets as ‘Special Instructions’
    • App Properties: I would use the ‘Text Field’ component synced with ‘Special Instructions’ column.
    • Buy Button: I would assign to one of the 3 fields (mentioned above)
    • Once the transaction is made, the data will automatically generate a ‘New Sheet’ with the ‘Special Instructions’.
  • Add-ons and Extras: (Here this is interesting)

    • Google Sheets: I would have specific columns made for Add-ons and Extras

    • App Properties: I would use the ‘Choice’ component for the two and assign it to one of 3 fields.

    • Use Case: Say the customer selects 1 extra hot sauce and added onions

    • If/And Functions: You can use the If(And) Statement to manipulate the data and replace the current wording with new wording.

      • i.e. – ‘Name’ field is “Chicken Pot Pie” changed to “Chicken Pot Pie w/1 extra hot sauce + add onions”
      • It takes a bit of time, but it can certainly be done!
      • I can give more details if you would like to reach me at
  • Notifications:

    • Keep in mind all of the data will be sent over to a New Sheet with the transaction.
    • The same sheet will be used for all other transactions as well.
    • What I would do is every ‘New Sheet’ or ‘New Row’ that is created from the transaction it ‘Triggers’ an action.
    • Within that “Transaction Sheet”, I use an Add-On called Document Studio.
      • It allows for you to generate Documents from your spreadsheet. My client uses it for receipts or invoices.
      • It also sends emails out to specific email addresses when the row data is ‘Triggered’.
      • This Add-On is great!
      • My current client got rid of the high dollar Point of Sale because I was able to add a notification function using the Add-On…

I hope this helps you or anyone else… Reach me here for any additional help.



I really appreciate you taking the time for the feedback @darder!

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@AjBruce thx for the detailed response. I will be looking into this soon.

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