Creating a takeaway app, have few questions

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to help a friend with his restaurant and created for him.

I learned from the community about using images to create a more cozy experience in the app, thanks all for your marvelous inspiration. The idea of my app is to just take orders with offline payment. Takeaway or deliver.

So I created a table “basket” where you can add everything from the menu and specify a quantity (thanks to a form button on the menu item). So far I’m good with that.

Then I display the cart and let you place an order (thanks to another form button).
I know I still let the user delete a row (can be easy) or the entire cart (have no idea how to do that except zapier maybe).
My issue is more how to do a relation between an order table (with either phone or phone + address infos) and the cart ? And then how to “clear” the cart (or mark each item as sold?).

I’m taking any idea you may have :smiley:


As for connecting, you can do like this:

  1. Set up row owners on your cart’s sheet
  2. Make a template column where all info on the item in the cart will be stored like price, quantity, sizes and etc
  3. Add joined list column with the template columns as a data source. You will have the full order with all information in one line.
  4. Add a special column in confirmation form with this one-line full information and send this all to the Confirmed Orders worksheet.

As for clearing the tab, clearing of full value can be done using script.

I have the script already that automatically clears user’s cart and send email confirmation to the client and admins after the order is confirmed. And I’ve built the restaurant app with all these functions and complex cart. So, that’s 100% possible.


That’s how it all can finally work:


I’m very curious about how you’re doing the TOTAL because it’s really neat.
The promo code feature is also very cool. You should have put a LOT of work here :1st_place_medal: :trophy:

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Thanks for the idea of the join “trick” repeated on all the lines. I did that in the past for another app and … yes it works well you’re right :+1:

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That’s just a rollup column with sum!

:man_facepalming: I didn’t saw it because, since I have a row owner on my cart, the rollup preview update just for the current user in the builder. Thanks again