Reset PIN email

Good afternoon - I created a Loan Tracking app that requires individuals to sign in in order to see the status of certain aspects of their loan applications. When the user goes to log in, they have to enter their PIN number as verification. We aren’t able to receive that reset email in our bank due to the that is associated with the reset email. Our service is flagging that for “reputation” risk. After further searching, it looks like the site is somehow linked to an IP address with some Art Institute. Does anyone know if there is another service that Glide is able to use for PIN resets? Like Google maybe? Thank you!

I’m not sure I follow. If a user is signing in with there own email and getting the pin number to sign in, why would your bank get any email for the pin? It should be sending the sign in pin to the user’s own email address.

Also, can you clarify what you mean by a pin reset? A pin is generated and required to verify an email address when signing in to the app for the first time. Nothing is being “reset”.

Where are you seeing mailgun? I looked at some of my pin emails for glide apps and I’ve never seen any mention of mailgun anywhere in the email or the headers. All I see is

Thank you for your response. Let me clarify a couple things. First, my app allows our customers to sign in to track their loan, but it also allows our lenders to log in and check on the status of each of their customers. When our lenders are trying to log in using their bank email address, the PIN verification email is getting caught up due to the reputation rush associated with I checked in with our IT department to ask why the PIN verification emails weren’t being delivered, as they were coming through fine a month ago. In their research, they came back to me with the reason relating to I know they were looking into a couple IP addresses. I can ask for additional information and let you know.

As for the PIN reset that I used earlier, I meant PIN verification.

I hope that makes more sense than my original post. If there is any other option or service that can be used for receiving that email verification process, it would work more easily for our lenders. As a note, external (nonbank) email addresses receive the verification PIN fine.

Thank you!

Ok, that makes more sense. I also went deeper into the headers and now I see mailgun in them. Not sure how to help you there. Maybe Glide can chime in.