Pin mail always going to spam

Hi, is there something that Glide could look into to avoid the pin email going into spam systematically? I tried with a few emails and it always ended there.

The pin for your app came directly into my “normal mail” folder, Stephanie :slight_smile:

It probably mostly depends on what each email provider uses for spam filtering. Whitelisting the email or marking it as not spam in your email program should help in the long run to help identify it as a valid email. Results are most likely going to vary between different email providers.

I think it would very helpful if Glide were to add a short reminder on the sign in page to alert users to check their spam folder. Otherwise, we run the risk of losing users because they assume the app sign in process isn’t working.

Better yet, allow devs to add their own content to the sign in page (there’s plenty of real estate) to better explain the sign up process, the benefits of signing in, etc. :wink:

I did have a support call just yesterday about pin emails not being sent. Turns out is was in their spam folder. The users email was a gmail address BTW. I asked them to move it to their inbox, mark it as not spam, to help with training gmails algorithm to recognize it as legitimate mail. I encourage all to do the same to help with it being recognized as legit email.

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Seems like there hasn’t been any progress by Glide re: sign up pins ending up in spam folders… At least for gmail. Yikes!

Trying to do some user testing and that’s already the first piece of feedback from every person I talk to. Surely Glide is trying to do something to remedy this?

If users have Gmail, allow them to Sign In using Google. This removes the PIN from the equation, and is a much more seamless experience.