Reset Multiple Rows At Once

I also like what he did with the cards layouts. Looks very funky

@kyleheney There’s still an issue in the advanced version with an action getting triggered on the list when adding a row (only for the user adding the row), but I think I fixed the logic issue I had between two devices. Initially if I had selected all items and another user added a new row, the newest item would get marked as selected. Now it will be added as an unselected item and the Select All checkbox will become unselected. This is with additional logic to track when a row is added, and compare it to when the Select All box was checked. Again, it’s a lot of overhead, but I think it works better now. At this point, the only downside might be issues with timezone differences since I’m using and comparing dates quite a bit.


Hey @Jeff_Hager ! I’m adding in your checklist feature and I think I’ve pretty much got it in my app except the set column action doesn’t seem to work to select/deselect list items so it wont go true/false or change the icon in the list. I’m not sure how to figure out what I’m missing, it seems like my action map matches properly and all my columns have the correct configuration in the data sheets. Are there any screenshots that I could share to help figure this out? Thanks in advance for your help!

Edit: in re-reading your original post, it seems like my issue might be that it’s on an edit screen. I was hoping to have the checklist in the edit screen and only show the join list on the details page. Any advice on how to achieve this? Trying to avoid the clunky look of having all unselected items listed but I also see a potential issue of non-signed in users being able to change the list if it’s on a public profile screen…?

So this is amazing. And the first app I’ve looked at from another person. I’m really new at this, so I’m having to figure out the login, but I think I see what is happening… The “event” thing / screen is brand new. Wow. Mind blown. I’ll be fiddling with this for a while. Thanks you!


Feel free to ask us questions if you need help!

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Hey, @Jeff_Hager love this work!
My question is this, how do I make the parentID change for unique users? Since you are using a Single Value First table type.

It will always be a unique experience for each user because the ParentID on the first sheet is a user specific column.

So how would I set that for something like an onboarding experience? Like how would I target the first row like that?

It’s the same reason I have the Tap to Start button. That sets the ParentID initially. After that, the clear button resets it to a different value. You would have to have an action somewhere in your onboarding process to set that value initially. Once it’s set…especially if you require sign it…then it will always be populated with a unique ID.

Usually if the sheet only contains one row, you can create a Single Value column that points to that sheet, but select whole row. This could be done in your user profile sheet since you are doing an onboarding process. Then somewhere in your process you can perform a Set Column action that sets the ParentID through the Single Value Row. A similar method is to create a Key column, so something like a template column with the word KEY in it. Create a similar template column in the sheet that contains the Parent ID. Then create a single Relation column to link both KEY templates together. Then you can Set the Column value the same way I mentioned for the Single Value Row column.


Hi Jeff! Thx for your post. This is what exactly I was looking for.
I’m not an expert yet to I checked and unchecked thousand of times in order to undersand. I got it! dont laugh :slight_smile:

In my case it a little but different.
For instance, I have:
Total Donation Record USD 100
- 1 of 2 quota USD 50
- 2 of 2 quota USD 50
Total Donation Record USD 200
- 1 of 4 quota USD 50
- 2 of 4 quota USD 50

User can select 2 quotas of different Donation Record (I’m setting columns SELECTED), so I guess, I cant use Unique Identifier since I will working in two records of Donations Records.

How do u suggest to Reset these rows?
I hope u understand me.

Thx so much in advanced

I have a solution for this in my expense management application.
Branch heads can approve multiple expenses using one button provided that they are not already rejected previously or later.

Check out the video here:


Great :+1:

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Thanks @Manan_Mehta. Is that adaptable to be able to be done per user? That is, how could I open up a filtered list that shows a specific user’s expenses, then only approve that user’s expenses? I’ve tried doing this using a template column to pull in the date and email address of the row, but since tis a template column, it’s no longer a date that can be before/after the current date. Curious if you’ve used similar logic to allow this sort of process. Thanks!

The video I sent is specifically for individual users. The approval date and time value is written in the user’s row only.

I am writing data on the user profile sheet so I don’t need to pull in the user’s email address. Let me know if you are confused.

Ahh sorry I understand now! Thanks! I’m going to find some time to play with this. Appreciate the quick reply!

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Hi @Jeff_Hager, thank you for this workaround. To workaround its possible limitations with Edit/Form/Add, what I did is:

  • Create a form with 1 field (ex. Title) just to initiate the new row
  • In the detail screen, I have all the other fields and combine “entry” and “display” fields, with visibility conditions (according to the user, ie. creator or visitor)

At the end of the day, just to get a “multi select choices” capability, usable in various types of screens (forms…), implies a lot of complexity and columns. Hopefully, a native Component (which is quite a basic) will soon appear as a fantastic surprise ! @Mark @JackVaughan


Thank you so much @Jeff_Hager ! I was able to use your awesome method successfully in What a pleasure it is to see the toggle between red and green emojis and to clear all selections at once.

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Hi Lucas, can you explain in spanish how to do a select_all an reset? I dont understand the Jeff explanation

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Hi @Manan_Mehta Manan,
Thanks for the video!
I’m a beginner and I’m looking for something similar to your movie. I want to use a button to approve a column value in multiple rows. I just don’t understand how to control the button you use. Do you have a picture of that (how to act)?

If you have time could you show a little more settings for each column, please?

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Hello Sabiene! Apologies I haven’t seen this message for all this while. Are you still looking for a solution to this?

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