How to "clear an entire column" (compound action trickery)


Excellent as always!


Thanks man! I’ll try it and see if it works for my case.

@gvalero. Échale un vistazo a esto.


Awesome as always!

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This is awesome but it doesn’t work for my case. :pensive:

I wish they let us clear the whole column.

What are you looking to clear?

I’m looking to clear the “quantityslected colum” that you show but in my case the user increment to add to the cart, the by using a joined list I populate the order tab.

I replicated your trick but still unable to clear the whole column.

So they have +1 / -1 buttons that add to cart? That’s the same premise as me…just a different component to add the value. Want to share your app and I’ll take a look?


Thanks man!

Done :wink:


You are awesome man!


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Nicely thought through and executed (as always) :+1:

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Hello, Robert! Thanks for the idea with the timestamps, I’ve watched your video and your review for Santiago’s app.

I’m trying to recreate timestamp check via Single Value column, but still can’t add timestamp into the first row (if I’m dealing with the item placed in the second row or any row after) - via “Set Column - This Row” I got timestamps only in those specified rows, not in the first one.
I duplicated all actions from the app you’re improved for Santiago, but unsuccessful. I’m going crazy about this,
please, be kind to give advice.

Don’t use a single column then! If it’s in the second (or whichever) row, use a joinText column instead. Just remove the comma separator that Glide puts in automatically.

@Robert_Petitto, thanks for your answer.
You meant a “Joined List” Column?
If I use this type, how could I use an IF-ELSE column with timestamps comparison?
Also, in a “Joined List” I have all the timestamps which I’ve got after orders submission -but one-by-one, without any breaks.

Hm. My method might not work for your intention…not sure exactly what you’re looking to do in your data table, but if you’re looking for the last order, a rollup column of the date would give you that option.


“Great Scott!” :sweat_smile: - Rollup with the “Latest”! Yeah, it works! Thank you, you’re awesome! My best regards to you.