Requiring fields when editing existing row

Users are due to add data existing rows, for that there’s a button with the action “link to screen” and “this item”. The obstacle is that on that screen I cannot require fields and users may leave the row incomplete.

Is it anyhow possible to have user edit an existing row with a click of a button while requiring all mandatory fields to be filled?

  1. Due to technical reasons I need to edit the existing row and cannot use a form to create a new row and relate them to each other.
  2. The “allow users to edit”-pencil icon in the corner lacks the visibility of a “call to action”-button and icon is misleading.

I saw this work around by @Darren_Murphy but the link to screen setup doesn’t require an action to complete.

One thing I didn’t mention in that post that you linked to is that I’ll usually also apply CSS to remove the “back button” from the details screen. This forces the user to tap on the button (or buttons) that I provide, and ensures that the associated actions are triggered.


Thanks for the hint! :slight_smile: I haven’t used CSS yet but found an answer here.

:heart: the Glide Community.

Make sure you remove the tab bar as well :wink:

display: none;
display: none;

How did you know which names have the objects in glide? or are they universal?

I used Chrome’s inspect element to find those names.