"Done" button not clickable in edit form

Need help with the following:

“Done” button is dimmed and cannot save the edit.

Any thoughts?

Thank you.

Are there any required fields down under that you have not filled?

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No. All required fields are Ok. In fact, all fields are filled in, but still, the Done is not available.

Check the component list carefully - is there a required field that’s hidden by a visibility condition?

No visibility condition whatsoever in this form.

Can you include a video of the full screen and its settings?

I have the same scenario., what could be the problem?
No conditions and no required data fields, yet I can’t click the “done” button. :frowning:

So how many fields do you have in total for this screen? Did you use any CSS on this that can potentially affect the “Done” button?

I recreated the Users Table and its working now.

This might be the error - I put two emails in the email column separated by comma (email1@xyz.com, email2@xyz.com), could that be the cause of error?

Its working now when I only put one email.

Why do you have two emails in one email column though?

I was trying if its okay to have both emails. :slight_smile:
My bad sensei @ThinhDinh :smiley:

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No worries, feel free to let us know if you have any more questions!

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Could it be possible to have two (2) emails in one User? How would this be set-up (Airtable)?

I’m not sure if that translates to an array column in Glide but normally you would have to specify only one email if that’s a user profiles field. What is your use case?

Yeah, it’s a user profile. :smiley:

Then it must be one email only. Why do you need 2 emails? To enable 2 emails to access the same profile?

Like he/she can log-in using gmail and other email (ie. company) account?

Then no, that won’t work. Each email should be on its own row.

Okay, thank you sensei. :slight_smile:

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We have this issue today, for past days, not able to click on Done in Edit form. However I am able to click on Done in Editor.

  1. All required fields have been filled
  2. No special CSS
  3. No hidden required fields.
  4. User rights are correct.

kindly advise. Thanks.