"Done" is inactive in edit mode

Hello, I am working on school app. There is contacts page in it. Its content has a visibility condition, for example School managers allowed to see all the details of each contact (passport details, place of birth etc.) teachers can see only contact details like mobile number, email, other. Everyone is allowed to edit details which they can see. Everything

was fine and was working well but for some reason today edit mode for managers is not working properly. They can tap edit & they will still be able to change data but they can not save their changes because “Done” button became inactive in edit mode. They can only “Cancel” their actions. I tried to cancel all visibility conditions but it did not help.
Any help is much appreciated

What I can advise is to check all fields you mark as required on this screen and see if there are any that are left empty. That’s the most likely reason the edit form can’t be saved.