Use Form button for existing row

It would be very useful to have an option allowing to use the form button to add information to an existing row, rather than always creating a new one.

The alternative is clunky as input fields cannot currently be set as “required” outside of a form or an edit page…

If you’re talking specifically about an onboarding experience, I have an example here.

Basically combine a number column with tab visibility, then set an increment button to only appear when all required fields have been filled.

Hi @ThinhDinh yes, I had already implemented onboarding in a similar way. :slight_smile:
I was looking at adding a COVID pre-visit registration and so looking at adding more details into the user’s account. Obviously I can do it the same way, but it’s much less user-friendly than having a clear notice which fields are required, and more conditional object visibility handling. A form button that acts on an existing row would be so much cleaner…

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Sounds like you need to use a form button to submit the entries to a log of sorts, and then for each user on the user profile tab, grab the information that was submitted last (multiple relation > single value whole row of “end”) given that your log sheet will always be sorted where latest entries add new row at bottom.


Yes, that works for me. Thanks @Robert_Petitto!

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