All items in a form should have a Required check box

Firstly, I agree. All input components should have that option.

That said, personally I would have little use for this as I rarely use the native form and instead choose to create my own forms from a details layout. Here is how I handle required fields:

  • All input components will be writing to user specific columns
  • For those inputs that are deemed as required, I will prefix the label with two asterisks (**) to provide a visual clue
  • In my table, I create an if-then-else column (ite-can-submit?) that checks the status of each of the user specific columns associated with my required input components. It typically looks something like this:

    Essentially, if any of the “required” columns are empty it returns false, otherwise (all required fields present) true
  • Then in my submit action I have a conditional that checks the status of the above column:
    • If false, then show a failed notification and take no further action
    • If true, create the new row (Add Row) and carry on with the rest of the action sequence

I find that this approach works quite well.