How to show its "Required"

How to show “Required” on the Date as i have added condition in action button.

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Hello @biha,

I believe the “Required” checkbox is available for all input fields if you use a button form.

If you create your own custom form, the “Required” checkbox is not necessarily available.

I believe this has to do with the notion of submitting data to the data editor.

I do feel that a request could be made for this and the date and date-time components could maybe behave similarly to a choice component. Text entries do not feel like submits, but a date to me is similar to a choice component, since a date is a choice among multiple dates available.

I’m sorry but i not really get your explanation well. So what do you mean is for custom form the date has no possibility for a required component ?

yes, correct.

What I normally do when I use custom forms is to mark the labels of required inputs with a double asterisk (**), and then handle the “required” bit with table logic.


Hey @biha, You can also inset a placeholder saying “required”


If you want a really hacky way of doing this, create the components you want in the edit screen, mark them required, copy them and then paste them on the details screen. It will retain the “required” label.


Now that’s what we call a hack! Good one :sweat_smile:

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I’ve reported it as a bug that turned out to be useful for the other side. :sweat_smile:

its work!

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It sure does! Only caveat is that if ever you want those fields to no longer have the “required” label, you’ll need to recreate the component.


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