Required field entry missing

Since the minor UI update yesterday, I no longer have the ability to require field entry. If the field was already required, that function remains, but I can’t require a new field or change the requirement of any existing field.

From what I see, I think you are making a custom form. Making a field entry required is available not available on Custom Form. It’s only available on Native Form. You can use visibility condition or custom action on your next button to make this field required.

Correct. I am making a custom form. The form was created about two weeks ago. As you can see, I was able to require some fields. But now I cannot change the requirement for those fields or add requirements for others. Did this recently change? If not, how was I able to require certain fields but can’t change the requirement for those fields?

You probably copied some of those components from a native form, which can keep the ‘Required’ text, but it’s not truly required as it would be in a native form.

I had that thought, so I tried copying from a new native form component but when I did the Required checkbox disappeared.

Yes the checkbox will disappear because there is no concept of ‘required’ on a custom form. In a custom form, you are updating a row in real time as you type, so making something required means nothing. You are updating live data without a submit button to confirm changes. So you have to build your own logic as @Hassan_Nadeem mentioned, to control any buttons or actions that may be needed to continue with your custom form.

What I was referring to was the ‘required’ text that displays above the entry component. Copying components from a native form will retain that, but it has no meaning other that just being text that say required.


What I would suggest is put a asterisk for each entry and add a note as " * - required*

And then build your custom logic

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