Make form fields mandatory

A couple of questions

  1. I noticed that for the form fields such as text and numbers, we cannot make it compulsory for the user to fill-up before the “submit” button appear. Is there any way to do this? How can this be done?

  2. Is there a way to change the “Submit” button to another name?


Let me help with the first question. Yes you can set it up as compulsory. Under general setting for the text or number entry component, at the very bottom there is a check written required. You need to check on that so as the form filled won’t be submitted if it isn’t filled.

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thanks I got it.
when I pull text entry into form container, then the required option will appear.

The only way to do this is with a Custom Form.

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I figure out why I cannot see “required” option. For example, if I wanted to have user update their User profile on user table, then

  1. if I select write to “User profile → Name”, then required option disappears. I wanted to be able to use under this scenario as this means that I can write directly into the field “Name”.

  2. if I select “Name”, then required option appear. However, when I click “Submit”. Then a new row will be added. This is not my intended action.

Any advise please.

I think when you write directly to the user profile like that, then you are completely bypassing the form and updating that column in real time as you type. Submit or Cancel would serve no purpose at that point.

If you want to update a user row through a form, then you should be updating their values in the user table. Not the user profile.

Don’t use a regular form that is intended for adding rows. Instead, use an Edit Form which is meant for updating existing rows.


Thanks Jeff … understand better now.

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