Edit Screen is not enforcing the Required Field


I am unsure what I am doing wrong, but can anyone assist me in making the submit button greyed out when users have not filled out the required fields?

Users have not filled in the required field from the image below, but the button is not greyed out. This means that users can submit the form without the required field. I mapped the fields to specific columns in the user profile.

Why are you mapping to the signed in user’s profile row is the goal is to add a new row?

@Jeff_Hager .

The goal is to add a new row, but I decided to create a placeholder under the user profile so that I can do some calculations within the form. Then, after submitting, I did “add row” to the table I initially planned.

I noticed I couldn’t perform the calculations with ‘form’ which was why I decided to use ‘Edit screen’. So I read somewhere in the community that I should first create a specific column as a placeholder. I created a specific column on another table, but it was not visible in the editor, so I couldn’t map the fields to it. So, I decided to map it to the specific column in a User profile.

Is there a better way to do this or is there an solution somewhere in the community because I have searched?

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What specific calculations you need that can be done in the User Profiles table but not in your supposed destination table? It sounds to me you should reconfigure the fields and/or use a custom form.

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Thank you @ThinhDinh

I was trying to do the simple calculations in the image below, but the usual form is not showing the amount.

I have heard and read of custom form, but I don’t know how to go about it. Is there a particular component that can help create the custom form?

Thank you

Does your plan allow the use of CSS?

Here’s a link for you to work with custom forms.

An alternative for you is preventing the submission with CSS, but we don’t know if your plan allows CSS or not so please answer @Himaladin 's question.

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I think I came up with an even more perfect idea from the previous method. @ThinhDinh :wink:

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Thank you Himaladin. No. It does not

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Thank you @ThinhDinh

I will go over the tutorial you shared. I have gone through it before, but I didn’t quite understand it. I will copy the app and study how it was done. Thanks so much

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