Form Elements Obligatory

Hey guys! I have a page which i colect some input data from my user, and i want to put mandatory on all the form elements. But i am not using the “Form Container” because it is different to manipulate. I am using the “Form Elements” - “Data”; “Name”; “Number”, etc - and i am not seeing the button “Required” at the options.

There is a way so i can put the mandatory at the form elements?

When you insert entry/edit components to your screen, in the General tab, at the very bottom, you cannot set the component as Required?

No, i cannot set the component as “Required”, because it is not showing up for me :frowning:

I assume you have a custom button to submit your custom form. Just make two versions of the button, one with an Accent Color that executes your Add Row action with visibility based on all text fields not being empty and the another button without Accent with visibility based on if any text field is empty, show notification.

I see. You’re building your own custom form. When you create these, the data is written in real time to the table so really you are not submitting anything.

You’ll find everything you need about custom forms here:

How to create a custom form

sorry @Joe_Gabriele, but i didnt understand your suggestion. Do i need to create two different buttons?

Yes, you’ll need two buttons, but only 1 will show at a time.

You’ll want 1 button (colored) to only display when all text entries are not empty meaning they entered something in all fields. This button will execute your Action.

You’ll want 1 button (white) to only displayed when any of the text elements are empty meaning they missed something. This button will display a notification stating all fields not completed.