Glide Pages Custom Form Showing Required

Using Glide Pages, I’m using custom form screens using single value whole rows and detail screens. On one of my screens, I get the “Required” text next to all my required fields. On my other form, I don’t on all of them. I can’t seem to figure out how I did that. My save buttons are custom actions with a condition of an if-then-else column is checked based on the columns that have input in them. the text fields in both don’t have the required check box so I’m not sure where it’s coming from.

When using a custom form, the only way to get “required” to show up is to copy and paste those components from a native form. So, you’ll have to temporarily create a native form, add components with ‘required’ checked, and then copy those components to your custom form. It’s a bit of a hack, so no guarantee that it will work forever.


Thanks for this, couldn’t figure it out for the life of me but that’s exactly what it was. I was trying it via native forms first then switched to custom forms. To get it working, I just added a blank form container to the detail screen, dragged the component in, checked required, then dragged it out. All set. I understand that it may not work in the future though

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