DateTime Component

I want a date/time field info to be required but there is no checkbox option on the Date/Time component like it is for other components. I don’t understand what to do to force that information to be required. Perhaps I am simply missing something here :wink:

You can only make items required if they belong to a form or edit screen (or within a form container).

Robert it is in an edit/add screen and the component right below, which is a Choice component has the “Required” checkbox but now that I look the Choice components have that option and the Number Entry components do not.
Ok I see…I added a Form Container and put them inside and now it has the Required checkbox!

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Are you sure? If the entry component is in an edit screen and you mark it “required” then it should show up as required:


Yes sir I realized that I need to place it inside a Form Container and it works!

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