Required flag not being displayed

Hi! I have the form below that has many entry fields. 4 of them I set as required: 1) “Atração | Item”, 2) “Data | Hora inicial”, 3) “Data | Hora final” and 4) “Endereço”.

You can see that the flag for required fields (“Necessário” in portuguese) is being displayed for the text entries (“Atração | Item” and “Endereço”), but not for the date/time entries (“Data | Hora inicial” and “Data | Hora final”).

It’s a huge problem, because user doesn’t get to know what is missing for him to submmit the form and might give up on it.

How can I make the required flag appear for date/time entry fields?

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What I usually do in cases like this is adjust the component title to give a visual indication that it is required. Something like:

  • Data | Hora inicial **, or…
  • Data | Hora inicial (necessário)

(There are a few components that behave like this. I’ve noticed, but never really thought much about why)

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Hi, Darren. Thank you very much for your help again!

Yes, I believed this can be a workaround… but glide devs should really have a look on this, because it’s not good to have this extra info only for some fields neither to have to add it to all required fields to get all following the same template.

Thank you for letting us know! We will fix it.


is not solved

also please make required fields red!