Make required entry red when not filled

make required entry red when not filled, it would make easer to see what answer is missing specially when form have a lots of questions. Also please fix the problem that date pickers are not showing “Required” under. users can’t find why submit is not changing color.


What you say is very useful. The solution I have for that is creating two buttons, so when not all the required fields are filled, the button says"please fill all required fields" and when all of them are filled it says “ready” or something similar.
I use this when creating profiles. So I have a details page with all the entry fields. I create an “if-then column” so I know when the profile is ready or not. If it’s not ready you show one button and if its ready show the other button. Then in the “ready” button, I have an increment action, to increment by 1. When the number column equals 1, the sign-in screen “disappears” and then the profile shows.
I hope its clear enough and hope it helps. If not, let me know and I’ll make a video

yes, but when list of entry fields is long, these buttons will be out of sight and user will need to scroll to check if they changed.

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I guess you are right, but it works well as a temporary solution

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what i do now is to put first required fields first and then add separator and text “OPTIONAL Fields” and put all not required, but many times it make more sense to pair fields like “NAME” required, “LAST NAME” optional… and it would be good if these are together. Thats why perfect solution would be that required fields are red and once filled out it would change color to mach optional fields.

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Something like what they have to notify the limit of characters or out-of-range numbers would be nice. +1 for this.

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Any update for this feature request?

Could add a Warning Hint component to display when text field is empty and disappear when not empty.

It could work but it’s also extra work!

Thanks for the tip.

You can do that with little CSS and 1 if else column

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You can try something like this

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