Suggestion regarding Required Fields and Hint Text

In most cases, when I am asking the user to submit data (via forms, input components, add/edit screens, etc…) I place Hint Text in each component. However, some of those components I need to check as Required. My issue is that when I do that, it “replaces/hides” the Hint Text.

@Mark, is there any other way that you/Glide can implement showing the user that a field is Required, without hiding the Hint Text? This would be a nice update if possible.

One suggestion could be the use of an * at the beginning or end of the Title when a component is checked as Required.


At the moment the workaround is to input the asterisk yourself at each required input, then make a text component at the start/end of the form saying “*”: required.

But of course it would be nice to have it handled natively. +1.

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But this will allow the user to submit the form

We are mentioning the asterisk at the name of the entry, which would not affect the “required” status of that form.

@Yasin_Hassanien Exactly, that’s the other part of the issue that I forgot to mention in my original post.

Essentially I want to add Hint Text to a component, then check that component as Required (so that a user truly has to fill it out in order to submit a form or select Done inside an edit screen, etc…), but I do not want it to replace the Hint Text with the text “Required”.

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@Mark Just wanted to see what your thoughts are on this suggestion. I tend to run into this scenario quite a bit and curious if a solution is possible on Glide’s end.

I saw another post that mentions the same suggestion as my post, so I figured I’d link to it as a solution.