Required field marker (outside of form) for number entry

Hi everyone, just reporting a finding while working in Glide on mobile app/page, outside of an actual Glide Form, I am using the multi-step form template in a detail screen from a list collection.

Describe the bug:
If you copy a field that is marked “Required” out of an add/edit form screen and paste it somewhere that is not an add/edit form screen, it will still have the text to be required. Which is nice and I like it, even though I do understand that outside of a form screen, the field will need validation elsewhere (like the continue button on said multi-step form template)

Expected behavior:
An option is available to turn on or off “Required” text for any entry field, but with an info panel that says “outside of a form screen, validation must be performed by different means, etc”

How to replicate:

  • Create or enter a form screen, find or create a required number or text entry field. Configure that field to be “Required”, copy that field component somewhere else outside of the form. The field will still show required but self-validation would not work (expected).

Screenshot: The first “Supply Phases required for this machine” was added from scratch from the normal navigation popout; the second was copied from an actual form. However neither, have the ability to turn “Required” on or off.

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This is indeed a bug that has been considered a feature for us around here for a long time, when we want to make custom forms.

As you said, it would require further validation in this case, but don’t fix it :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, it is nice to have the requirement marker on an input field, even better if it has internal validation. However, if that is too far in the future, then the option to turn it on and off is good too so that someone doesn’t have to copy it from an actual form.

Then again, people like me would report a validation bug wouldn’t they… :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Thanks for the reply. I promised I did search before I posted.


Hey don’t worry, this is a great post. I agree that having an option to turn that on or off would be ideal.

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