Required fields that are not visible

Some of them do share some of the same settings. But wouldn’t that still bring the to the same tab? I think the problem is that they are on the same tab in the spreadsheet. I had them in completely different tabs before, but because the sign-in can only occur on one tab, I can’t put the forms in different tabs. Now even putting them in the same tab doesn’t work! Ugh! I’ll try it and see…

With different buttom forms and visibility settings based on the types, you can achieve what you want. Different forms are still writing to the same sheet, so that’s not a problem.

I guess I’m not understanding. I have different form buttons already. I can’t make the visibility based on the button, so I have to make it based on one of the fields - Status, in my case. Once the user chooses their status, only the appropriate fields appear. But I think that the other required fields are in the background stopping the form from submitting.

In this screen, you can create a user-specific choice that lets the user choose their “type”. Then based on that choice, you show the right form to them, that’s what I meant.

I thought that I was doing that already. What am I missing?

So the problem is not that you have required fields that are not visible so the user can’t submit, or am I missing something here?

Yes… that is the problem.

Either that or something else is going on that I haven’t identified

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Here is the video again

Could you please share your app so I can look into it?

Hi Mark,
Here’s my app

This will be fixed on Tuesday. Thank you for reporting it!


Hi Mark!

It’s working now! Thanks for your prompt resolution!

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Has this been looked into yet?

I have a very extensive form I have created for a client. This form has a 3 step process and during the process, some of the fields are hidden until they are needed to be shown. These hidden fields are required. The issue is that the form can still be submitted as long as all currently visible fields are filled in.

Your issues seems to be different from this thread. The original issue was that a form could not be submitted when required fields were hidden (thus no longer required). Your issue is the opposite where you are hiding required fields, but they still are required. The native form screen wasn’t really designed to handle multiple paging like this. I would recommend creating a custom form instead. It will have the benefit that you can control which fields are required prior to showing a submit button and it has the added bonus that a user can leave the form and come back without having to start over.


If it’s too much to rebuild, I would advise using CSS here to help with removing the ability to submit.


[data-test="nav-button-Submit"] {
pointer-events: none;
opacity: 0.4;

Then show/hide that rich text component based on the fields in your form.


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