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I have a form that does not require any user input but provides optional input for one field. It has 2 hidden fields that do get sent during submission. For whatever reason, the ‘submit’ button is inactive unless the user modifies the optional field. What I want is for the user to pull up the form and submit it immediately as there are no user-input required fields.

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Can you share some screenshots?

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You haven’t set a date in you Date/Time component. That’s why
Once is blank, it won’t be able to submit

Can you try hiding or removing your date entry component temporarily? I would think you could submit since you are including column values. I’m just wondering if it’s being thrown off because you have a single entry component. If it works, maybe you’ll need to add some workaround with another column to hold a checkbox value and use the checkbox to show or hide the date component, or use as a confirmation checkbox. I’m pretty sure you can submit forms with no entry components and only column values, so I would think this should work.

Just to be sure… You do not have the ‘required’ checkbox selected for the date, correct?

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That doesn’t seem like intuitive design, that field is optional.

Jeff - Yes, the ‘required’ checkbox is indeed unchecked. Thanks for the workaround tip, I’ll try the visibility approach. I do think this is a bug and not acting as intended.

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Thats why I’d try @Jeff_Hager suggestion

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I’d agree with you. I’ll need to go back and find it, but I noticed that in one of my apps, a form wouldn’t be able to be submitted unless I filled an optional field. I’ll post when I find it.