Entry Fields - Notes (required checkbox)

Hello, everyone!
This is my first topic here.

So, I’m trying to add an “Entry Fields - Notes” to a form submission and, although the required checkbox is not selected, I can’t send it until there is something in the note.

Could you confirm that the required checkbox is working properly?

Looks like a similar issue to this post. Are you also submitting special values or column values?

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Yes, I do have another components and columns.

I’ve checked other form placed in a different app, and “Entry Fields - Notes” seems to be working normally with the form, but this other form has different input elements.

I think it’s definitely a bug. I believe you can submit the form if there are no entry components on the screen, but if there are entry components, then glide is currently requiring at least one to be filled in. In the post I attached above, I have a possible workaround for now using a checkbox.