Submit with blank form required field

I have a form with a number entry (required) and text entry (optional) visible to the user. If the user enters text in the text field, they are able to submit the form with a blank number entry field.

P.S. Isn’t glide the best? I mean, what?, you can build an app with no code?! Seriously team glide, rock on. xoxo

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Yes, Glide rocks!!!

Can you show us your settings for those fields or a video? Hopefully we can help.

I just made a new bug test app to verify -

The spreadsheet has a simple set of data on a single sheet.

I changed the style of the default tab to details and added a form button with two fields: a required number field, and an optional text field.

If I uploaded the screenshots correctly, they should show that I am able to submit without a required number.

Sorry for the details in a second post, I had a baby demand my attention. I’m also going to use that excuse for the confusing title. :smiley:

Screen Shot 2020-08-23 at 10.42.48 AM

That looks like a bug. Can confirm I can reproduce that in your test app. Maybe you can send this to Glide’s support email.

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Update: I’ve found that I can only recreate this issue with the Number Entry field.

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You could try setting a MIN value of 1 for the number entry.

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Great suggestion! In my case, I used 0.01 as a min, and that seems to have bypassed this blank submitting behavior. :smiley:


i’m with this problem too @david