Form container can submit form even though some required fields are blank

I would like each field in a form container to show up one by one to not overwhelm the user and keep their attention. I do this by creating visibility conditions for each field.

I tried setting the default value to a invalid one while it’s not visible, but the form can still be submitted while required values aren’t visible.

Describe the bug:

  • Forms can be submitted while Required fields are blank.

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Expected behavior:

  • Submit should not be allowed until all required fields are filled with a value.

How to replicate:
Create a Form Container, then:

  1. Create Text Input Field ‘A’ (any type).
  2. Create Number Input Field ‘B’ (any type) and set to required.
  3. Make Input Field ‘B’ visible only if Field ‘A’ is filled.
  4. Observe that the submit button is clickable even though required field ‘B’ is blank.

Suggested improvement:

It seems that the ‘submit’ button’s logic is
“allow submission if all visible required fields are valid”.

Suggest to change to:
"allow submission if all visible required fields are valid AND all non-visible required fields are filled / have a default value set".

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