Form Submission is allowed without filling mandatory fields

Hello @Mark,

In my App, while filling up a form, all my fields are mandatory to be filled up. However, I am allowed to submit a form without filling up last couple of fields (which are “Required”). However, kindly note that, these fields are conditional fields (shows up only when particular choice is selected.)

You can check the video.

I am not really sure if this is Bug or intentional behavior considering they are conditional fields.

Thank you

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Its always been this way and it’s intentional. The “required” condition is respected only for visible fields.


Thanks Manan.

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I have a similar problem: inside my form button I have two Choice Buttons and one Number Entry, all of them mandatory and visible without any conditions. Although, when I fill only the Choice Buttons, the form submission is allowed, even without filling the Number Entry.

Yet, I think it is important to share that depending on the Choices answers, some Text Entries appear and they are mandatory as well. But the bug happens even when these Text Entries do not appear.

Thank you!

Can you share your app and tell us where to reproduce it?

It’s my understanding that if a require field is visible, it should be required to have a value entered. If the field is hidden due to visibility, then it no longer becomes required to submit the form. You should not be able submit a form if a required field is visible and empty. This looks like a bug.


Are either of your choice components and number entry field pointing to the same column?

yes, that’s correct.

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No, none of them.