Required Fields based on conditional logic

I have created an app for HVAC processes in servicing residential customers. One Choice field prompts the user to select the Total Number of Floors in the house (1, 2 or 3). Since all homes have at least one floor, questions related to the first floor (wall square footage - north, east, west and south, numbers of windows, etc.) are always visible - and many of them are “required.”

Visibility of the same question fields, related to the 2nd and 3rd floors, is controlled by the Total Number of Floors data value selected. In other words, 2nd Floor questions are only visible when the Total Number of Floors is 2, etc.

My question is how to make the appropriate data gathered about floors 2 and 3 “required.” If I make a 2nd floor field “required,” but it is not visible to the user, then it is not possible to Add the record. Are there any workarounds for this?

Thanks in advance.

The last I remember is that you can mark a field as required, but if the visibility conditions hide it, then it will not be required. As long as you are making the fields for floors 2 and 3 visible only when the chosen floor is 2 or 3, then there shouldn’t be a problem if the required flag is set for those fields.

Are you saying that even if those fields are hidden, the required flag is still preventing you from submitting?

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Jeff, thank you for your reply. I will test it more. I assumed that it would enforce the required condition even if the fields were not visible (due to being associated with floors 2 and 3).

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