Required fields that are not visible

In forms, if a required field is hidden, the form won’t submit unless every required field is entered.

My case: I use a choice to change the next fields on the form. Those other fields are required, but they should only be required if they’re visible.


That makes sense. I’ll put it on the to-do list. Thank you!

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Hi! Has this been fixed? This is a REAL issue in my app.

This should be how it’s working now, at least in my experience.

My forms won’t submit unless it’s the original user that I configured. Every other user type won’t allow the DONE button to appear.

Not sure I follow. Do you have a screenshot?

Hi! Here’s a video.

Jane is a pre-med student - the original type of user that I set up. Jane can submit.
Kate is a physician - another type of user. Kate cannot despite all fields being filled.

Is that all or are there any hidden fields?

The fields are designated by the type of user. So, not all of the fields that appear for Jane will appear for Kate.

Gonna call it a night and check back in the morning. Thanks for answering!

One quick thought from me is to record the choice of pre/med student or physician in a separate user-specific column, then show the right form button to them based on that choice. Not ideal, but I think it would work.

You mean have them record the choice before they see the form button?

Yeah that’s my thoughts. Not ideal, but I think it will work.

But in order for it to be in the right column, I’d have to know which user they are.

Actually, the way I have it set up already can take them to the appropriate column. They choose what kind of user they are before ever filling out the form. Let me try to add a different status column for the physician.

Yeah so if you have, let’s say, 2 choices, pre-med student & physician, after you have recorded their chocie for the “type”, you have 2 buttons: 1 that only pre-med students can access, 1 that only physicians can access.

But I see that you have a lot of types to choose from. Any chance some of those types share the same settings?

Some of them do share some of the same settings. But wouldn’t that still bring the to the same tab? I think the problem is that they are on the same tab in the spreadsheet. I had them in completely different tabs before, but because the sign-in can only occur on one tab, I can’t put the forms in different tabs. Now even putting them in the same tab doesn’t work! Ugh! I’ll try it and see…

With different buttom forms and visibility settings based on the types, you can achieve what you want. Different forms are still writing to the same sheet, so that’s not a problem.

I guess I’m not understanding. I have different form buttons already. I can’t make the visibility based on the button, so I have to make it based on one of the fields - Status, in my case. Once the user chooses their status, only the appropriate fields appear. But I think that the other required fields are in the background stopping the form from submitting.

In this screen, you can create a user-specific choice that lets the user choose their “type”. Then based on that choice, you show the right form to them, that’s what I meant.